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  1. Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apcatpiree it.


  2. I really want this for Christmas. The problem will be selling my dad on the price. No, not because it’s too expensive, but because he’ll think it’s not expensive ENOUGH! See, with my dad, if this is more expensive than that, this must clearly be better than that. >.< He’d probably prefer to get me a Nook Color/Tablet/Kindle Fire. But I really like this. It seems simple and only does what I need it to do, let me read books.


  3. If you want this it is for sale. Let me know.


  4. Eller förresten: Bloggen Muslimska förskolans text menar jag. Jag skulle i alla fall aldrig citerat en sån text. Det var puckat det med.


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