Metro Toronto Police Headquarters

This sculpture is an allegorical triptych of elements in three distinct sites of the Police Headquarters building in downtown Toronto. The three elements may stand alone; together they form an unified narrative. There are three life-size realistically rendered figures performing three actions. In the central square of the building is a policewoman, police radio in one hand, a trowel in the other constructed a stone base. At the northwest corner of the building is the rendering of a child pulling an oversized child’s wagon. An obelisk sits on the wagon. The obelisk is polished Canadian granite 21 feet high, 3 foot square at the base. The wagon is constructed of metal with a two inch thick base plate on which the obelisk floats. At a side entrance, walking into the building is a male figure carrying on his shoulders a primitive support on which are balanced two books and two stone blocks.





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