Equal Before the Law



The order of the law is equality. Before and under the law we are all equal. This is a poetic work where the symbolic signification represented by the lamb and the lion are not precise, but rather open to a multiplicity of associations and interpretations all of which are encouraged.

The context in which the lamb and lion appear in this sculpture direct the interpretation of these two symbolic representations. One is large, one is small and yet the scales balance. The mis-weighted yet balanced scale asks us to question why and how. The answer is simple: on the scales of justice each individual is equal. One is fierce and one is meek, one is powerful and one is weak, but the law treats both equally.

The scales are also represented symbolically. The tower and the platform are constructed symmetrically yet eschew. The tower is twisted to a 60-degree angle to the law library to which the platform is parallel. The ends of the platform are cut at 30-degree angles in correspondence to the support tower. The tower is constructed such that the dimensions from the top to the bottom are angled. Everything about the mathematics of this scale is calculated to be in perfect portion, balanced, but turned or angled 60 or 30 degrees as are the proportions designed to range from 1 to 2. The final effect is a scale, which is balanced yet complexly balanced, possibly a metaphor for the law itself.

Lion and lamb larger than life-size bronze. The scales are constructed from brushed, stainless stee. Scale: height: 10’, width 4’. Platform: length: 20’, width 4’, thickness 6”.



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