Time & A Clock




It is the essence of time, its substance and ambiguity that is examined in this sculpture/installation. This is one work in three sites. It encircles the Queen Broadview area with text. Three different types or styles of time related text were written, one for each site. On the eastern entrance to this area of the city, on the Queen Street Bridge a line of text: THIS RIVER I STEP IN IS NOT THE RIVER I STAND IN. Stainless steel letters, 18 inches in height, supported between steel beams, a six foot diameter ring of light as a clock. At the intersection of Broadview and Queen Street: stainless steel checker plate, 19” high letters; four expressions dealing with time; embedded in the sidewalk at four corners: TOO SOON FREE FROM TIME; TIME IS MONEY: MONEY IS TIME; BETTER LATE THAN NEVER; TIME=DISTANCE X VELOCITY. Beside the Jimmy Simpson Park are four stainless steel pennants, four declarations of time, a lyrical poem, one word per pole: COURSING, DISAPPEARING, TREMBLING, RETURNING.


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